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The office staff and dental assistants are super friendly and professional. Dr. Stanley is always pleasant, has a great sense of humor, is good with kids and does a great job.


They are very professional. Excellent service, friendly employees. The atmosphere when you enter is very inviting and there’s a real home-like feeling. They have done an excellent job on my daughters’ teeth. My family is very pleased with the service they have given us.

Kylie, age 12    

Everybody is very nice and they treat you like family. They always keep you on track with your appointments and they care about you and they work around your schedule and if you miss an appointment they don’t get mad at you. They care about your teeth and I love to joke around with Dr. Stanley.

Dan M.    

Dr. Stanley does very well with my 13 year old son. Dr. Stanley talks with all people that walk through his office doors. At Stanley Orthodontics they make you feel at home.

Rhoda A.    

I get treated like family, the girls are always sweet and Dr. Stanley is awesome.

Marta M.    

The results are life changing. The experience is made fairly easy by the caring staff who are gentle and friendly. Dr. Stanley is an expert in the field of orthodontics bringing an end result that is both beautiful and functions well.

Patty S.    

I was referred to Dr. Stanley several years ago as my daughters had complications from a previous orthodontist. We were extremely satisfied with the results with Dr. Stanley. As my youngest daughter, Alexa, needed braces there was no question who we would go to. The staff is excellent, very efficient and organized. Dr. Stanley is very patient, knowledgeable and provides excellent service. I wouldn’t consider any other orthodontist!

Peter K.    

Dr. Stanley came highly recommended by the parents of many of the boys’ friends. Dr. Stanley and his staff have lived up to all the recommendations. Professional, friendly and great results. Smiles all around!

Breanna G.    

I would recommend Dr. Stanley to a friend because the people here are so nice and they ask how your day is and it feels like a family here! They make my smile bigger and brighter by the people and the wires!

Susan M.    

Dr. Stanley treats his patients with kindness and respect and always has a smile for everyone. His office staff is friendly, welcoming and warm.. My children have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Stanley.

Kesslyn, 9 years old    

Everyone here in the office is nice.

Debra H.    

My son has enjoyed coming to Dr. Stanley’s office! The staff is wonderful and knows him by name! The staff and Dr. Stanley are very caring and make my son feel so comfortable!

Darla C    

I am so happy that I brought my son Daniel to Dr. Stanley for his Orthodontic needs. Treatment is moving along with great results that me and my son can already see! I look forward to seeing everyone at our monthly visits and know I will actually miss it when treatment is completed! I couldn't be happier, Thanks to Dr. Stanley and his friendly staff!

Jon S.    

I have known Dr. Stanley personally for some years now but not professionally. When we moved back to Fresno a few years back and my wife wanted braces I knew that there was only one place to go. Dr. Stanley and his staff are not only professional, but friendly, helpful and put you at ease and treat you like family. I'm sure my kids will go there as well, I highly recommend using Dr. Stanley.

Shannan W    

Love this office, staff and Dr!!!! Makes it such a smooth and easy transition into braces mode.

Logan C    

Miss the coffee. And all you. Yeah no more braces. Thank you so much.

Patty H    

Both of my children have started/completed phase one of their care, and both my children and I couldn't be more pleased with every single person on staff. From their friendly smiles, warm comments, laughter, professionalism.....I have and will continue to to recommend Dr Stanley and his staff over and over again.

Jane W.    

Awesome orthodontic office. My children had a total of 8 sets of braces with Dr. Stanley. The entire staff was friendly, helpful, and professional! They were very flexible with scheduling and worked well with my children. Love, love, love Dr. Stanley and his staff. I totally recommend them!


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